“When I finished Pathways I was referred to Extern’s Moving Forward, Moving On programme. This was at
the same time that my mother moved away from Northern Ireland with my sister, leaving me behind at the
age of 16.

Due to this my mental health worsened, but the support I received from MFMO helped keep me
on the right path and avoid breakdowns and deterioration in my progress. I enrolled in Belfast Metropolitan
College and through the support I received from MFMO I was able to complete a Level Two qualification in
Applied Science.

“The team at MFMO also supported me whilst I was living in hostel accommodation. They advocated on my
behalf with social services to ensure that I was placed in Belfast, so that I could still attend my course. As
well as regular meetings with my MFMO mentor I also attended the Youth Forum and worked with MFMO
staff to plan activities with the Junior Youth Forum.

“After completing my course, I started work in a nursing home but my mental health took another dip and I
was unable to sustain my employment, but MFMO continued to assist me through this and have been
brilliant at helping me get benefits sorted out and to help with things for a new flat I moved into.

“Without a doubt, the ongoing support through MFMO during everything that has happened to me has
kept me on a positive life path, and also has given me guidance I’d never really had from anyone before.”