I was going through depression and anxiety as well as being socially isolated. I stayed at home all day and had no motivation to do anything.

The Traveller team supported me with getting out more and trying new things like exercise classes, mindfulness, self-care, healthy eating and art. Thanks to this I've become more active and self-aware of health for myself and my family.

Close up view of young woman daughter holding old mother female hands

It has also helped me to interact more with other members of the Traveller community and to connect with services.

I now feel more comfortable going into public places such as cafes, libraries and resource centres - those are places where I would have felt judged before because of my Traveller background.

Extern has helped me build my self­ confidence and motivation levels. I had no structure or routine before, but I now enjoy going to the groups.

It has also made me understand and respect my heritage more, and helped me to interact with more people from the Traveller community.


Traveller Healthcare Programme, Cavan