1. What is the Ormeau Centre?
  2. What does the Ormeau Centre offer?
  3. I am threatened with homelessness
  4. Who to call if I'm homeless

Based in Belfast, the Ormeau Centre offers temporary accommodation and support for men and women (18+) experiencing homelessness, with specialist provision for injecting drug users.

We operate an open, non-judgmental referral policy aimed at removing the barriers to support, tackling street homelessness and combating social exclusion.

We are available 24 hours a day, 365 nights a year.

The centre provides 29 direct access emergency accommodation beds for men and women experiencing homelessness.

At the Ormeau Centre we offer:

  • Non-judgmental referral policies aimed at removing the barriers to support.
  • Person-centred support
  • Individually tailored support plans
  • Crisis intervention around complex need
  • Specialist IV drug accommodation
  • Referral and signposting to other agencies, both Statutory and Voluntary.

The majority of those requiring the support of the Ormeau Centre have been homeless for some time or have been rough (street) sleeping.

Many are experiencing issues around individual physical well-being or mental health.

All have experienced a crisis at some point that has led to losing the family, friend or local community networks that we all rely on in times of crisis.

Threatened with homelessness?

If you are threatened with losing your home, contact for advice and support:

Who to call if I'm homeless?

Contact the Northern Ireland Housing Executive on: 03448 920900

SUPPORTING: Communities

WHAT TO DO IF I'M HOMELESS? Referrals to this service are made from the NI Housing Executive


58-62 Waring Street



Call now: 028 90 238091

Mobile number: 07483132684