Extern's Linx Project is a community-based programme which builds upon the strengths of young people aged 13-17 and their families to encourage healthy development, safety, stability and a positive future.

We help young people and their parents/carers improve their relationships and we support parents to help their children develop confidence and resilience.

Linx seeks to reduce the likelihood of family breakdown and help young people to remain in their home, school and local community.

Linx provides services for:

1. Young people at risk of being received into residential care

2. Vulnerable young people who are leaving a care placement and who need assistance to reintegrate back to their family or community

3. Young people who are at risk of becoming involved in anti-social or criminal activity

4. Young people who are having relationship difficulties with their families and there is a risk of family breakdown

5. Young people who are marginalised in their communities

6. Young people who have little or no family ties

7. Young people resident in the South-Eastern Trust Area

8. Young people aged 13-17 inclusive. In exceptional cases, however, it can include young people from the age of 11, where there is a high level of risk of being received into residential care.

The remit of the project is to provide intensive support by offering between 2-10 hours per week of intensive individual work for each young person and/or their carers according to their identified needs.

96% of families engaged with our Linx project said they strongly agreed that relationships were better, less incidents or conflict happened in the home and that their overall family life had improved, thanks to the programme

LOCATION: South Eastern Trust area, (RoI) Co Cavan

HELPING: Young People & Families

HOW DO I ACCESS THIS SERVICE? Referrals to this service are made via a panel and are only accepted via Social Work referral.


Family Resource Centre,
James Street,
BT23 4EP

Email: [email protected]

Tel (NI): 07733 912899