Extern’s Intensive Family Support Service is a community-based project that provides support to young people at risk of engaging, or engaged, in criminal activity.

The team works with the young person, their family, and positive supports within the community to identify alternative pathways for the young people concerned.

This may be through the use of existing community resources or exploring opportunities for each young person through education, training or employment.

As well as intensive face to face support from staff there is 24/7 phone support. The project also provides young people and their families with access to one of Extern’s respite facilities.

This provides a short period of respite, based on the needs of the service users, from the pressures and stresses that both the young person, and their family might be under.

It provides a quiet space and time, free from distraction where staff can support the service user to think through any issues they are struggling with and help them find long-term sustainable solutions.

Tel: +353 (0) 86 461 3571

Email: [email protected]