The Intensive Support Fostering scheme has been operational since October 2007. It is a specialist fostering scheme for young people aged 10–18 who present with highly complex needs and challenging behaviour.

Difficulties often stem from early developmental trauma, and as such they cannot be placed within mainstream fostering or residential facilities.

We are a multi-disciplinary team consisting of social workers, Extern project workers and a clinical psychologist.

The Extern project worker works with the young person to develop an individual and goal-oriented programme of support, designed to provide opportunities to build on their strengths and aspirations.

Project workers will support the young people to experience unconditional positive regard, wherein they are provided with the framework to approach new experiences - from engaging in group work, to reflecting upon the impact their histories have had upon how they see themselves, the world and others.

LOCATION: South Eastern & Belfast Health & Social Care Trust Areas, Northern Ireland

HELPING: Young People & Families

HOW DO I ACCESS THIS SERVICE? Referrals to this project are made via social services


Andrea Spence
Project Manager
Grove House,
Co Down
BT24 8AN

Tel: 02890817807  

Mobile: 07483428555

Email: [email protected]