I was really struggling in my life when I first heard about Extern. I was facing feelings of anxiety, having low moods and was just so stressed out about things.

A friend put me in touch with Extern and from the very beginning I felt safe and supported. My first meeting with the team had a real sense of energy, of understanding and importance, which helped immensely.

The guys at the Youth Engagement Service provided a place for me where I could speak honestly about what was going on in my life.

Teenager chatting with youth worker

Just having that space to share and talk helped me feel heard and less alone in my problems. This helped me come to terms with my own feelings and get advice on what I needed.

I understand now how to better handle issues in my life and have more of an insight into healthier coping mechanisms. Reaching out to Extern, even if it is just for a chat, can make all the difference if you are struggling like I was. I would recommend it to anyone.

Youth Engagement Service


This project are open to young people through our weekly drop-ins, as well as through local youth and community groups.

Young people can also self-refer or be referred by a concerned relative or carer but the young person must want to engage of their own free will.

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