I lost my identity after an emotionally abusive marriage. I had no self-worth. I was feeling so down and it was hard for me to keep going. I was a full-time carer for two of my adult children too, so life could be a struggle sometimes.

Extern provided weekly counselling sessions for me which gave me the skills to deal with the challenges I faced and to challenge the perceptions I had of myself. I now have more of a sense of self-belief, which really helps me keep going.

My counsellor understands me in a way no one else does and that’s what makes it so easy to talk to her. It feels like she understands my situation in a way that others can’t. She gave me the tools to cope and deal with challenges.

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She enables me to see a different side of myself, a side I didn’t think existed. It’s like I get an emotional hug every time I’m with her.

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