I was a dad, a husband and a friend to many. People would have described me as fun-loving, kind and caring. But behind it all I was dealing with an escalating addiction to gambling which had lasted for years.

It got to the point where I contemplated taking my own life. Thankfully, I managed to get support and was admitted to hospital, which is where I first heard about Extern Problem Gambling.

I listened to every episode of the Problem Gambling Podcast and it was a relief to hear other people’s stories about their gambling addictions and how they have turned their lives around.

I reached out to the team, and they came back to me quickly. That was the first of many steps I took towards managing my problem gambling - now, I had a professional to speak to when I got out of hospital, which was a great start for me.

pair on the sofa

Mentally, this was so uplifting for myself and my family. I haven’t had a single lapse since I first got in contact with Extern. My relationships, my communication skills and my ability to concentrate at work have all improved. Crucially, I have found healthier coping skills for dealing with stressful situations.

I’d like to think that maybe one day I too can give back to help others who have been where I was when I faced my problems with gambling addiction. 

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