Extern's Traveller Primary Health Care programme is aimed at improving the health outcomes of members of the Travelling Community in County Cavan and County Meath.

Delivered through a Community Development model by Primary Healthcare workers from the Traveller community, the programme focuses on health promotion in areas such as:

  • cardiovascular health
  • health screening
  • dental health
  • addiction
  • healthy cooking and lifestyle
  • domestic violence.

Staffed by members of the Travelling Community itself, the programme runs regular meetings and events aimed at promoting practical and important healthcare initiatives.

Recent initiatives have included an outreach programme from the Irish Heart Foundation, and access to cancer screening programmes.

Issues such as mental health are also key areas of work for the project, with home visits and awareness sessions being held, and recently over 200 people attended an ongoing exhibition about Traveller mental health which was organised through the project.

286 people directly supported by our Traveller Primary Healthcare programme in 2021

The key to success is the acknowledgement that Travellers have a right to appropriate access to healthcare services, which take into account their particular needs, culture and way of life. 

The involvement of the Travellers in the delivery of health services is crucial in bridging the gap between the Traveller community and access to health services.

A number of Travellers are now part-time staff members on the programme, engaging with others in their community and providing vital information on healthcare. 

LOCATION: County Cavan and County Meath

SUPPORTING: Young People & Families

HOW DO I ACCESS THIS SERVICE? To find out more about the service, please contact the team via the details below

Traveller Health & Social Care Project

2 Cannon Row


Co, Meath

Tel: +353 (0)86 383 1898 

Email: [email protected]