My grandson was having problems at home and in school. He was anxious about catching the Coronavirus, so he stayed inside and refused to go out and play. His mood was very low.

Instead of just walking away or giving up, though, Extern thought of new ways they could help us. His keyworker would call over with things for him to do and brought him out on walks a couple of times a week. He went away on overnight stays, too, which he really enjoyed.

Extern have been such a great help over this past year. My grandson likes going out with his keyworker now, as it allows him the opportunity to talk about anything that’s bothering him.

I can also ring the team at any time and they always listen and let me know how he’s getting on, and what the plan for each week is going to be. You’ve no idea how much that sort of support can really help someone until you need it yourself.”