Coming into the Autumn and Winter months is the perfect time to pick up a new hobby, get rid of old habits or to set yourself a challenge to help both your physical and mental health. 

A 30-day challenge could be: 

  • Run a mile every day for 1 month 
  • Give up alcohol for 1 month 
  • Give up takeaways for 1 month 
  • Practice yoga every day for 1 month 
  • Give up smoking or drinking for 1 month 
  • Give up your daily coffee for 1 month 
  • Give up social media for 1 month 

Give one of our suggestions a go or come up with your own idea, the choice is up to you! Once you decide on your 30-day challenge, make sure to tell everyone you know and get them to sponsor your challenge, so that you can help make a big difference to the lives of local people in need right now.   

Sign up now 

Once registered, we'll be in touch to help you set up your very own JustGiving page so you can fundraise online and ask friends and family from far and wide for their support! 

We can also provide fundraising merchandise to help you, including a t-shirt or vest for any physical challenges!

If you have any questions, please email the fundraising department at: [email protected]