Secured through dormant account funding via the Irish Youth Justice Department, the Extern Janus Justice Project provides an intensive individualised programme concentrating on development of pro-social skills, improved community involvement, provision of experiential learning opportunities, and family work to improve relationships within the home.

The young people and their families being targeted for this service are those currently attending GYDPs across Limerick City who are assessed as medium to high risk, and can therefore be referred to the project for additional support.

Young people who have been charged and placed on probation can also be referred to the project to help address their offending behaviours.

What are the aims of the Janus project?

  1. Reduce repeat offending behaviours
  2. Increase positive connectivity with community and family
  3. Increase educational, training and employment skills

The programme content is based on meeting specific individual needs through development of pro-social behaviours, resiliency and positive community interactions.

This is delivered through various session types including individual work, activities, special interest, day trips, and planned or responsive overnights.

The participant’s voluntary consent is required on the programme and those referred are encouraged to continue their involvement with their existing support organisations.

What are the benefits of the Janus project?

  1. It allows Juvenile Liaison Officers to refer directly to the project. This allows greater contact with the service provider and allows both JLO and service provider to tailor the response to the particular referral, thus providing better service to the young person.
  2. The programme can respond quickly when a young person is in crisis.
  3. It allows for young people to remove themselves from their environment for a night or two, so that the space can be used to defuse the current situation which may be leading the child into negative behaviour.
  4. Its structure enables a young person to build capacity in many different areas in an environment that is friendly and supportive. Because of the upheaval in many of these children’s lives, the most basic achievement can be the difference between a child staying away from negative behaviour and going down the wrong path.
  5. The programme allows the Garda Youth Diversion Programme another outlet where support can be given to a young person. The detailed progress reports provided by Janus Justice staff greatly assist JLOs when making decisions as to the future and whether a child enters the criminal justice system or not.
  6. The child is at the centre of what Janus has to offer, which allows every opportunity for him or her to overcome the challenges put before them, often by circumstances outside of their control.

LOCATION: Limerick City, County Limerick & County Clare

SUPPORTING: Young People & Families

HOW DO I ACCESS THIS SERVICE? Referrals through Garda Juvenile Liaison Officer (JLO) and Garda Youth Diversion Project for Limerick City and County and the Probation Service from Limerick and Clare


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Unit 12, Watchouse Cross Retail Park,

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Tel: 061 423070
Email: [email protected]

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