Name: Deirdre

Age: 17

Location: Limerick

Programme: Janus Justice

“I was always getting into trouble at school. I was really cheeky because I was angry. I wasn’t happy in my foster placements either, as I didn’t get to spend time with my friends and had nothing to do. I was on a path I didn’t want to be on.

I had worked with another child welfare organisation before but didn’t like it, so I didn’t know if Extern would be the same. But when I started with them I liked it.

My proudest moment on the Jumping Hurdles programme was when I learned how to canter on the horse properly. And of course winning the Gaisce Award and going along to the awards night - that was good craic!

Jumping Hurdles helped me so much with my confidence. Now I work better in groups, and I wouldn’t be as nervous meeting new people.”

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