Based in Belfast, Extern's Drugs Accommodation Support Project (DASP) is a leading provider of support to IV drug users enabling them to stabilise their lives by accessing temporary supported accommodation.

Through the programme, Extern supports active drug users who are homeless in moving from the streets and into stable supported accommodation and addiction treatment. The needs of each person referred to the service are assessed using Extern’s specialist Injecting Drug Use Assessment Tool.

This service is provided with the help of partners in the Housing Executive, Belfast Health and Social Care Trust, Public Health Agency, PSNI and the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).


A specialist worker will assess your needs focusing on reducing the harm from substance misuse.

They will assist you to access specialist beds within the homeless sector and provide ongoing support you in areas such as:

  • accessing substitution treatment
  • health
  • housing
  • benefits
  • legal issues
  • training

SUPPORTING: Communities

HOW DO I ACCESS THIS SERVICE? Referrals to this service can be made directly by individuals or from any source.

Service users must have a injecting drug issue and be homeless to access the specialist support.

Tel: 028 9033 0433
Email: [email protected]