Extern is helping to highlight the impact of poor mental health for students across Northern Ireland with the publication of a new print and digital resource for University Mental Health Day today (Thursday, March 9th).

The newly-published University Wellbeing factsheet offers advice for students on how to identify and manage mental health issues, as well as signposting to services and resources which can offer support.

These include Extern’s own range of mental health and wellbeing projects, as well as downloadable digital and print materials which offer advice and guidance on issues such as recognising stress triggers, managing workload and coping with exams, among others.

Sharon Smith, who manages a number of mental health projects within Extern, said: “University can often be an exciting time for many young people, but for others the challenges of living away from the family home and coping with studies, developing their life skills and finding their place in their social settings can be very stressful.

“This new information sheet offers a starting point for those who may be affected by stress and low mood to both identify how they are feeling and enable them to take action to begin to address this.

"We would therefore encourage anyone who is affected by poor mental health, or who knows someone else who needs support, to download this resource and avail of the advice and signposting it offers.”