Reach Out Project

Funded by Department for Communities

What is REACH OUT and how can you help me?

If you live in Belfast and have been affected by substance or alcohol misuse, suicide, self-harm or mental health issues, then Extern’s REACH OUT project is here to help you.

Extern's Reach Out Project

Extern’s REACH OUT project offers targeted and dedicated support for the following age groups:

  • 4-11 Years
  • 11-18 Years
  • Adults 18+

At REACH OUT we support you and help you to build resilience by:

  • Helping you gain access to intervention and treatment services
  • Providing opportunities to get involved in diversionary activities
  • And reducing your risk of self-harm through promoting wellbeing, independence and healthy life choices

How do I get in contact with the REACH OUT project?

  • You can drop-in and see us whenever you want between 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday.
  • You can call us on 07442 533165
  • You can WhatsApp us on 07442 533165 and we’ll get back to you.
  • You can email us at

We can arrange to see you in the evenings or weekends. We also offer fun and interactive community based education and training, where you can meet and talk to other people and also learn new skills.

Where is the REACH OUT project?
Our HQ is near Belfast city-centre, at the Spectrum Centre, 331-333 Shankill Road, Belfast, BT13 3AA, but we are here to help people across Belfast.

Do you provide community based training?
Yes. We deliver community-based education and training throughout the Belfast area.

We can offer flexible bespoke programmes which can include:

  • Substance Misuse Awareness and Prevention
  • Emotional Wellbeing
  • Healthy Living
  • Positive mental health and well being

Do you provide accredited training
Yes, Reach Out provide accredited OCN training to individuals and groups across the Belfast area.

Do you provide 1-1 support?
Yes, we offer 1-1 counselling and/or complimentary therapies. In addition, we also offer 1-1 support for young people aged 11-25, who are at risk of self-harm or engaging in self harming behaviours.

I don’t need support, but I’d like to Volunteer with Extern. Can I do that?
Yes. Absolutely. We are actively recruiting for volunteers to support the overall service provision of the organisation, and to help us engage with our initiatives involving children, young people and adults.

If you can offer some time each week then please, REACH OUT – JOIN – GET INVOLVED. We’d love to hear from you.

You can reach us on any of the numbers above or email our volunteer co-ordinator, or telephone on 07974 269587

Volunteer with Extern

Volunteering with Extern can be an extremely rewarding experience. You will be using your time and skills to make a real difference by helping us to change many people’s lives every day.

Five reasons to Volunteer with Extern

Our volunteers at Extern tell us there are many reasons that they continue to support us and our service users. But we like to keep things simple – so here are our top five:

  1. “In helping others in need, I am making a difference. It might be big or it might be small, but I know it’s appreciated each and every time. And it’s often the smallest things I do that can have the biggest impact, like a smile and taking the time to just listen.”
  2. “I get to give back to the community. And I know it’s not all about what’s in it for me, but it has really helped my self-confidence and gives me a sense of purpose.”
  3. “It brings a smile to my face and most importantly the faces of the people I support.”
  4. “I have learned things…a lot of new things…and a lot of useful things. When I’m working with young people particularly I never fail to be inspired by their enthusiasm and determination.”
  5. “I have met so many interesting and fantastic people. Some of the nicest human beings I have ever met actually. Getting to hang out with them, whether its staff, service users or other volunteers, just makes you feel that little bit better about the world.”
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