The Time Out programme has been offered by Extern for over 30 years, and offers respite, safety and support to children (aged 8-17) and their families.

Working in partnership with social workers, the service responds to crisis and offers a sanctuary for young people who need time in a safe place where they can reflect and feel valued.

Time Out provides the social worker and carers with time to identify the stressors and to connect with support.

Extern Time Out offers:

  • Four days/three nights structured break at our custom-built Roscor Youth Village or Kinahalla Youth Village, in Co. Down, with a highly-experienced and trained staff team.
  • Respite for parents/carers to take stock and seek support.
  • Time for social workers to network support and fully understand the nature of the crisis.

Extern have developed a highly effective model of intervention with young people, entitled the ‘Interventive Relationship’.

This is developed through shared engagement between the child and their keyworker which nurtures rapport and help the child to feel safe and to engage in exploration and reflection on their recent difficulties.

Time Out staff are trained in a range of skillsets and are highly attuned to what works when providing support to children who have suffered trauma.

SUPPORTING: Communities

HOW DO I ACCESS THIS SERVICE? All referrals are via social work departments. Telephone enquiries can be made using the number below.

LOCATION: Co Limerick, Co Fermanagh, Co Down


For referrals from the Western Trust, please contact the Project Manager
Tel: 028 7126 2104

For referrals from the Northern, Belfast and SE Trusts, please contact Conor McCallion (Time Out Assistant Manager)

Tel: 07484 536 616

Email: [email protected]