Social Work and Extern

Why choose a social work career with Extern?

Well, when new colleagues join us, the most common reaction we hear is Social work in Extern is so different.”

Why do they say that?

Well there are many reasons, but here are some of the ones we are most proud of, in line with our values:


Professional social work practice is at the heart of everything we do in Extern. Within the voluntary sector we have been leading the way in social work practice since 1978 and that continues today.


We are driven by the needs of the people we support. As a result we have been at the forefront of developing new specialisms in social work for over 40 years. Today, we empower our staff to continue that challenge.


In Extern staff are empowered to use their professional experience and initiative to provide a flexible and adaptable service so we can meet the needs of our service users immediately. We value our social workers’ experience and expertise.

Working Together

Just as the needs of the communities we work in change, in Extern we ensure our training courses keep up with that change. That means our suite of training and practice development opportunities and focus on sharing knowledge is unmatched.


Extern’s culture of creativity and innovation allows our social workers to really create meaningful relationships with the people we support. If you think we could be working in a more impactful way we’ll listen.


In Extern we never walk away. That applies to the people we support and our staff. We celebrate our achievements together and when there's a bad day, we work through those together too.

Hear from our colleagues

But we know there’s nothing like hearing directly from social workers themselves, so we’ve created some short videos from some of our colleagues from across Extern to give you a flavour of why they enjoy working as part of our team.

You can also download some of our staff and service user case studies to read about their experiences.

Find out why Danielle choose Extern as her employer

Why you should choose Extern as your employer over anyone else

Work for us

We don’t walk away from our service users and we’re proud in Extern that we are also here for our staff.

That's why we need people who are passionate about transforming lives and believe that they have the initiative, compassion and professionalism to do this the Extern way.

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