“I have always been a people person, and I think that is what has made me want to pursue a career in social work. There is a real need for social workers, and the help and support that they offer.

When I think about how I felt going out on my first social work placement with the Janus team, I was so nervous. There was a real fear of the unknown, wondering what it was going to be like. Would I be able to connect with the young people that I was going to be working with? Could I handle the pressures of the job?

Meeting my on-site practice teacher and my co-workers put me immediately at my ease, though. Thanks to their support and encouragement, I was able to go in to each situation confidently, knowing that if there was anything wrong I would have someone to call.

I soon started to really get to know and love the role. Being out on placement and carrying my own caseload allowed me the opportunity to take responsibility, and put forth my own ideas. Once I got to know each individual young person I came to understand what worked for them and, importantly, what didn’t.

What I appreciated most about Extern is that you didn’t just feel like the ‘new person’; you were instantly accepted as part of the team, as if you have always been there. Their support throughout my placement was second to none, and I cannot recommend them enough as a career option or a placement choice.

You will be appropriately guided throughout, you won’t feel alone in anything and if you have any ideas or recommendations they trust your judgment and back you completely.

I was so delighted when I was offered a job with Extern following my placement. It made me feel like the work that I had done during my placement was valued.

I really enjoy my role with the Janus project, building those connections with young people and being there for them, whatever they needed. Extern has reassured me that this is truly my passion and something that I believe I am meant to do!”