LOCATION: Belfast area

Funded by the Department for Communities, Reach Out offers targeted and personalised supports for those from the age of four, right through adulthood, whose lives have been impacted by substance or alcohol misuse, suicide, self-harm or mental health issues. The project also offers one-to-one support for young people who are at risk of self-harm or engaging in self-harming behaviours.

Reach Out operates a drop-in office from the Spectrum Centre on the Shankill Road, and delivers its services right across the Greater Belfast area. In the year following its launch in June 2017, the project supported 725 people, including:

  • 345 people across the Greater Belfast area who received counselling and/or complementary therapy - 186 of these referrals were due to mental health and self-harming behaviours.
  • 65 young people aged 11-25 who were supported by the self-harm and mental health worker, receiving 8-12 weeks focused support.
  • Delivering support to 31 different school, community groups, and voluntary/statutory organisations, as well as working with a further 315 young people on issues including mental health, self-awareness and sex education for young people.
  • Participating in 25 health events across the greater Belfast area, engaging with 1,114 people
  • Helping 61 people with registering to become a volunteer with the project

How do I get in contact with the REACH OUT project?

  • You can drop-in and see us whenever you want between 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday.
  • You can call us on 07442 533165
  • You can WhatsApp us on 07442 533165 and we’ll get back to you.
  • You can email us at [email protected]

We can arrange to see you in the evenings or weekends. We also offer fun and interactive community-based education and training, where you can meet and talk to other people and also learn new skills.

We can offer flexible bespoke programmes which can include:

  • Substance Misuse Awareness and Prevention
  • Emotional well-being
  • Healthy Living
  • Positive mental health and well-being

Do you provide one-to-one support?

Yes, we offer one-to-one support

I don’t need support, but I’d like to volunteer with Extern. Can I do that?

Absolutely. We are actively recruiting for volunteers to support the overall service provision of the organisation, and to help us engage with our initiatives involving children, young people and adults.

If you can offer some time each week then please, REACH OUT – JOIN – GET INVOLVED. We’d love to hear from you.

You can reach us on any of the numbers above or email our volunteer co-ordinator, [email protected] or telephone on 07974 269587.

SUPPORTING: Communities

HOW DO I ACCESS THIS SERVICE? This service is open to anyone on a drop-in or personal contact basis


Extern Reach Out
Spectrum Centre,
331-333 Shankill Road,
BT13 3AA
Tel: 07442 533165
Email: [email protected]

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