I was homeless and had been looking for a place to move in to, but I wasn’t having much luck. I was told that I was not classed as a ‘priority need’, so I would be relying on the private rented sector, and few private landlords would accept someone in my situation.

It was at that point that my support worker at a local homeless charity made me aware of the Extern Homes project.

"Within weeks Extern Homes had offered me a two-year tenancy that I could actually afford, as well as the support I needed for getting integrated back into the local community. I now had my own door to close behind me at night, and it was amazing."

With that taken care of I’ve now been able to focus on finding work and getting my life back on track. I recently started a new job and can now look to the future, and I am planning my next move out of Extern Homes and into even more independence for myself.

Peter, (48) 

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