My brother Christopher and I weren’t able to live at home with our parents, as we had a lot of family issues going on in our lives.

Chris and I weren’t getting along with each other either, we were fighting a lot and falling out. When we came to Extern we didn’t know what to expect, but the work the staff and volunteers did with us really changed our lives for the better.

I used to be shy, but meeting new people on the Janus programme helped me become so much more confident. It also helped me to get along with my brother a lot more. We don’t fight as much, instead we talk things through and are kinder to each other now.”

Patrick (15), Dublin

“From the start Extern gave us so many opportunities to try new things, like art and craft groups. Just having someone to talk to about things really helped my mental wellbeing too, and I have even started to improve my physical fitness through playing sport.

Now Patrick and I are reunited with our family and making a positive go of our relationship. ”

Christopher (13), Dublin

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