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Your opportunity to make a real difference for people living with mental health issues!

Gather your friends and colleagues together this Halloween and DRESS UP & DONATE in aid of Extern’s life-saving mental health services.

On Friday, 25th October, or any date which suits your workplace, school or community, encourage your friends, family and colleagues to put on their fancy dress costumes, and go about their everyday business as usual.

As well as raising funds for Extern’s life-saving mental health services, you’ll be joining with thousands of others, in a powerful show of empathy for everyone across Northern Ireland who is living with mental health issues every day and feels they have to mask their true feelings.

Taking part in Drop The Mask is so easy

1. Sign up to host an event and receive your free Drop The Mask fundraising kit in the post.

2. Pick a date for your workplace or community fancy dress day. Write these details on our Drop The Mask posters, put them up in your workplace or community, and spread the word among colleagues that your organisation, school or company is taking part in the event.

Then you can really start to have fun planning your fantastic costumes and enjoying the build-up to your Drop The Mask Day!

3. Dress Up! Put on your fancy dress costume and don't forget your Drop The Mask sticker, and have a great day! Maybe you might want to host a lunchtime or morning gathering in your canteen or office for everyone who is wearing fancy dress.

You can then easily gather people’s donations in our collection envelope from your kit, and enjoy catching up with friends, family, and workmates over a cuppa, while knowing you are helping Extern to make a real difference.

4. Oh, and most of all, have fun on your commute