Even though there has been a lockdown, it hasn’t meant that people’s problems have gone away. We have still been out and about working with families, doing many different activities. This includes leaving activity packages to keep our young people occupied and engaged, as well as leaving donations from food banks on people’s doorsteps.  

“We've also been making a lot of phone and video calls to check up on everyone, and make sure that they are coping alright. But even this can be challenging for some of our families who maybe don't have access to a mobile phone or other device. We have also been doing outdoor walking sessions for the young people, and this has really helped them with having someone to talk to.

“The lockdown has been particularly challenging because many of our families are quite isolated anyway. So it was even harder for them to go out. But we have had really positive feedback from them, and they have been really grateful that we still appear on their doorstep, showing them support and helping them, because many parents have also lost their jobs."

The Coronavirus Appeal has been a massive help to us, and it’s so important that people support it.

It really does help the young people and families that we work with, even for something as simple as topping up their electric or gas, or getting them enough credit to be able to make contact outside their homes. We really appreciate all of the support that we have been given.

Help Extern support the most vulnerable people in our communities