Updated opening hours

Northern & Southern Trust offices are closed and working remotely from home, 9-5 Monday – Friday


Northern Trust office:

All enquires are to be phoned through to:




Email enquires as normal to  - [email protected]


Southern Trust office:

All enquires are to be phoned through to - 07423474844

Email enquires as normal to [email protected] 

How can we help you?

We’re here to help you to address your drug or alcohol use. The service referral criteria is deliberately wide to allow people easy access to support. We work will people at their point of need and keeps expectations of engagement realistic.

This service will mainly support individuals with severe and problematic drug and alcohol addiction.

Those wishing to engage don’t necessarily have to want to change their drug/alcohol use at the time they work with this service, and may only be seeking support around other issues such as housing, benefits, or health and wellbeing.

Low Threshold takes a harm reduction approach to helping people. This means using an approach that utilises knowledge, skills, advice and supports that will reduce the harm the person is doing to themselves, or others, through their drug and/or alcohol use.

Getting help and support

LOCATION: Operating across the whole Southern Trust and Northern Trust area

SUPPORTING: Adults with substance misuse issues


This service offers support in your home, or in a venue that you feel comfortable in.

You don’t have to come to our office - we can, and will, bring the service to you.


Northern Trust

106 Bridge Street


BT43 5EP

Tel: 028 256 54012

Email: [email protected] 

Southern Trust

22 High Street


BT67 9DR

T: 0742 347 4844

Email: [email protected] 

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