I lost my son to suicide five years ago, and was struggling with the grief of losing him so suddenly. I was contacted by Extern, who provided me with a Home Visiting Service, which was a huge support as there were some days when I couldn’t even face leaving the house.

The SAFE Project made me feel less alone due to the peer-led support group I became involved in. It showed me that I am not alone, and that there are many other people affected by the same issue.

It was good to have one-on-one support and to have someone there to listen and understand me and what I was going through.

There have been some positive moments since then, and I enjoyed the respite trips I took, especially to Lusty Beg, where I made great memories with the support group. Extern has helped improve my life as

"I now feel more able to cope with my grief and the issues that I face. I now use my experiences to help others as well - just as other volunteer members of the SAFE group supported me through my journey, I have become a volunteer to support new members."

After dealing with such a traumatic experience, I am more hopeful for the future now, and I have Extern and my new friends to thank for that.

Janet, (54), SAFE project