Injecting drug use in Northern Ireland has increased in recent years, especially the use of heroin and cocaine. This has been most noticeable among people who are homeless and those who are in contact with drugs services.

Alongside this has been a noticeable increase in groin injecting by practitioners and in the Unlinked Anonymous Monitoring (UAM) Survey of HIV and viral hepatitis among PWID: 2020 report. This indicates that 52% of injecting drug users in NI have groin injected in the last month (p16). Groin injecting is one of the higher risks areas to use for intravenous injecting.

The aim of this two hour webinar is to give you some understanding of this type of injecting, how to engage with people who inject in their groin, and some of the ways to reduce the risks associated.

This training is provided to you for free as a result of PHA funding.

*Whilst this webinar is free to attend please note that there is a fee of £25 if you book a place, receive a link to join the session and subsequently do not attend it.

Project supported by Public Health Agency