I recently found out an old friend of mine had lost his life.

I can't stand here and say we were close friends. I can't stand here and tell you all the amazing memories we had together. But I can tell you it broke my heart when i heard the news.

A more kind and gentle man you will never meet. Always had a smile on his face, always looking at the positives around him. Everytime we seen one another we would stop and chat and I was always laughing when I walked away. More times than enough as a bouncer he required my services to remove unruly patrons from his events and more times than enough as a friend we found one another intoxicated telling each other how much we loved one another.

I still have a huge place in my heart for all the staff at QUBSU.

My life has moved on since those days, but the sense of belonging, love, comradery has never left me.

Why did I choose the Extern-CCIS as the charity to raise funds for?

Well I currently would visit this place every week through my work. I see first hand the work these people do. I see how hard they work, how tired they are and the kindness and passion behind the masks. These wonderful people provide immediate assistance to those in crisis.

It seems like a fitting charity to me, wouldn't you agree?

Craig Patterson