His family loved Eugene dearly but sadly he recently lost his battle with alcoholism a few months ago.
He always had a fear of becoming homeless.
He still managed to keep a check on his money to give priority to gas and electricity. He also called Tuesday charity day as that was when his benefits came in. He was a great believer in The Credit Union. He was very generous, donating to Sightsavers and local charities supporting vulnerable people.

There are many unseen people living among us who need our support. We can be blind to this or not in position to help. Extern sees these needs — and addresses the need. I cannot go out in our cities on a winter’s night to provide a friendly word, a hot meal and a warm coat ... but Extern can.

I am a great believer in the therapeutic nature of Art. I have recently retired and taken up painting as a hobby. I sell, or usually give away paintings as my house is running out of wall space.
I am donating the money from sale of my paintings to Extern: Help bring hope to people who are vulnerable and isolated.

Of course- if anyone would like to make a donation from the sale of their own painting then they can do so on this page.

Or - just donate.
Link to my page: https://mariapaintingtime.weebly.com/ Maria Hunter