2020 Was a year of Crisis for everyone.

People didn't know where to turn, people couldn't leave the house for something as simple as a walk or a drive. We lost jobs, we lost income, we lost connections.. we lost friends and family. Those around us were either battling Coronavirus or they were battling with their own minds.

I lost three people to the pandemic. Two to suicide. One to illness.

I'm not ashamed to admit there were times where I found myself in crisis. I found myself staring into the bottom of a bottle or arguing with the 4 walls around me. Feeling lost and without hope.

I had the support of friends and colleagues around me who were able to help me through. But not everyone feels like they have that.

So myself and some of my wonderful colleagues are taking on the 3 Peaks Challenge. 3 Highest mountains in the UK in 24 hours. That's 3 big old mountains in a day. That's a lot of walking, not a lot of sleeping and a lot of sore legs.

We work in a city where suicide and mental health follows the people like an unwanted companion. The term "I'm for the bridge" is used flippantly with both humor and a knowing sadness.

We hope to raise awareness to the issue. We hope to raise awareness to the team in the Crisis Intervention Centre and we hope to raise a little bit of money to help them do their thing.

Heroes, working tirelessly to help those in crisis see another way and another day.

Please consider donating!

Craig Patterson