FACES is a multi-agency initiative aimed at providing intensive support to children and young people in the south and east Belfast areas who are having difficulty within the education system, are at risk of becoming involved in anti-social behaviour or at risk of being received into a care placement.

FACES also aims at empowering parents and carers to manage their children's behaviours in a positive and constructive way, enabling the children to remain living at home and preventing the necessity of a care placement.

Through this, families may be offered therapeutic services and/or be referred for specialist support from other agencies.

In 2018-19 the team provided a programme of intensive tailored support which included:

  • individual work
  • group work
  • parenting support
  • educational support
  • family therapy and
  • social outings throughout the year

Referral Criteria:

How can FACES help?

  • To support and empower parents/carers to manage their child's behaviour.
  • To encourage good educational outcomes for children who, for a range of reasons, are
  • disadvantaged within the mainstream educational system.
  • To link children and young people into pro-social activities and initiatives within the community.
  • To increase interagency communication and co-operation in the provision of services.

Programme Content:

The programme offers intensive individual work directly with the children and family support and/or family therapy.

The aim is to provide intensive individual, emotional, and behavioural support to each child referred, and the input is tailored to the presenting needs.

Family support is offered where parents/families/carers are in need of support to manage their children's behaviours.

Parents/carers and families may also be offered family therapy where assessed as appropriate. Families may also be referred to other agencies for specialist support.

Working Hours:

The hours are flexible and will ordinarily be after school, in the evenings and at weekends. There is no residential component to this programme.


Unit 2B, East Belfast Enterprise Park,

208 Albertbridge Road



HELPING: Young People & Families

HOW DO I ACCESS THIS SERVICE? Referrals are made through social services, the Education Welfare Service, or the Youth Justice Agency

Ceri O’Reilly
Unit 5 Nelson Trade Centre,
Nelson Street,
BT15 1BH

Tel: 028 9027 8189

Email: [email protected]