When it was launched in 2016, Extern Homes aimed to provide safe places to live for those facing homelessness by refurbishing ten properties in the Greater Belfast area. I am proud to say that work has now been completed on property number ten and already a new tenant has settled in to their new home, where they are already being provided with all the benefits of a supported tenancy.

To celebrate this important milestone, we've spoken to Sheila, who has been living in another of our Extern Homes properties, and who has benefited greatly from the support that we have offered. Already, Extern Homes has helped two tenants like Sheila to move on with their lives and into a bright new future, thanks to the support they have been offered.

And the work doesn't stop here either, as we are now putting out the call to landlords with empty properties who may be willing to help us to get in touch. We are also looking to extend the project into the Republic too, and to this end we were delighted to have recently been awarded Approved Housing Body status by Limerick City & County Council.