Do you need help to find and keep a safe, secure home?

Created in 2016, the project has seen Extern purchase properties and offer two year supported tenancies to individuals and families so they do not have to remain stuck in homeless hostels, despite being ready to move on with their lives.

Operated in partnership with managing agent Rea Estates, Extern Homes offers a tenancy period of up to two years. During that time tenants will be offered and provided with tenancy support services, and access to training and employment opportunities, in order to empower them to move on with their lives.

They will also be provided with welfare advice services and the opportunity to gain an Independent Living Qualification through the Extern Works programme.

Following on from their time in an Extern Home, Extern helps tenants to secure longer term accommodation, based on having developed a positive tenancy history, and having been encouraged to save for a future tenancy deposit.

In February 2019, Extern Homes took home the More Than Bricks & Mortar Award at the CIH Housing Awards 2019.

Extern Homes offers tenants:

  • Quality, affordable, and supported accommodation
  • A chance to get into the private rented sector without the burden of a deposit
  • A two-year tenancy followed by a rolling monthly agreement - Extern Homes’ objective is for tenants to move on after their two-year tenancy
  • A partially furnished property to help tenants save on the cost of furnishings
  • Additional support to help tenants maintain their tenancy

Extern Homes has been created to move people from homelessness to homes through a partnership with Extern, and Charity Bank, the ethical bank that exists to lend to charities and social enterprises.

LOCATION: North & West Belfast

SUPPORTING: Communities

HOW DO I ACCESS THIS SERVICE? Potential tenants are nominated via statutory and/or voluntary sector organisations e.g. social services, homelessness organisations, support services, housing agencies


Declan Morris (Extern Homes Manager)
Tel: 028 9084 0555
Email: [email protected]