I was having problems in school, as I just wasn’t engaging in class or making efforts to do well. I was getting in trouble too because my attendance wasn’t great. In my personal life I had also been tackling depression and anxiety.

When my school recommended Extern’s Pathways project I wasn’t sure what to expect, but from the very beginning they were focused on helping me get back into learning again.

They helped me overcome the anxieties I had been experiencing, and have turned me into a more positive person – before they came along I was down all of the time. Now, I’m content with my life and not scared of change. I enjoy going to class again and being in a learning environment.

For anyone in the same position as me, I would tell them to take the support offered by Extern – if you are willing to co-operate you can get some great qualifications, and they will help you overcome any problems you might have."

Beth, (17), Pathways