I first came to the Moving Forward, Moving On project after going through Extern’s Pathways alternative education project.

A close family member had been killed in horrific circumstances, and I couldn’t deal with the stress and depression I faced after that. My life hit rock bottom, and I didn’t want to go to school anymore, as I was getting bullied.

Pathways helped me get all of my qualifications, and then I moved on to MFMO.

When I started going to college, my MFMO mentor came in to meet with me face-to-face, making sure I was coping okay and enjoying it.

Happy teenager with two thumbs up smiling

"If there were any challenges or struggles, they would have been by my side throughout it all. They have also helped me with problems at home too, so they support me in a lot of different areas."

With MFMO, there’s always someone there who will talk to you. Extern really do change lives and are the best people I have dealt with, they just scribble out of all of the negativity and look at things in the best possible light. They let you know that you can achieve anything in life, and they give you the confidence to achieve things.

Bethany, (17), Belfast

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