BDACT Connections develops and delivers an integrated education and prevention plan to raise awareness of the impact of drugs and alcohol locally.

The Public Health Agency funds a Connection Service in each of the Trust areas, whose role is to take forward local campaigns and initiatives in relation to drug and alcohol issues through co-ordinated work across agencies and communities.

The Connections Service is the operational arm of the Drug and Alcohol Co-ordination Teams (DACTs), which are multi-agency partnerships that set local priorities and deliver a drug and alcohol implementation plan across the Trust area.

Connections workers are the link between the DACTs and community groups, service user networks and other agencies. As well as keeping the DACT informed of new trends and issues, they also identify gaps in services and can help develop plans and partnerships to address these.

Are you drinking too much?

Many people don’t always know how much alcohol they drink and whether their drinking could have any impact on their health.

Our alcohol self-assessment can help you identify if the amount you drink could be putting your health at serious risk. 

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HELPING: Communities

HOW DO I ACCESS THIS SERVICE? Any member of the community can contact this service via phone, email or through the NI Dacts website. No referral is required.


Belfast Trust area:

Declan Morris (Project Manager)
Tel: (028) 9084 0555
Email: [email protected]

For details of the Connections services in other areas, and to get more information on regional campaigns and directories of services, visit 

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