Join the Belfast Trust Sexual Health Training Team's ‘BIG RED WALK’ in aid of Extern to raise awareness and show your support for people living with, or affected by, HIV. 

When:   Any time between 24th November - 1st December 2020
Where:  Anywhere that suits you, it’s your choice!
How:    Wear a Red Ribbon, or if you don’t have one just wear something red, and go for a walk, jog, or run, whichever you prefer.

To join in the ‘BIG RED WALK’  follow these simple steps:

  1. Email the Belfast H&SCT Sexual Health Team [email protected] with your name, and who in your social bubble you have talked into doing it with you. Remember walking is more fun if there’s more than one, so get your social bubble friends or family involved!
  2. Make your donation here to Extern! Suggested minimum of £5 per person taking part.
  3. Choose a time and date which suits you and just get out there and walk, jog, or run.
  4. Take some selfies of you and your walk companions during your BIG RED WALK and send them to [email protected] 
  5. There’s no set distance, it is personal to whatever suits you – although round the block might be a bit short – so why not make it worthwhile and aim for something a wee bit more than your usual!

Never has it been more important for us to attend to our physical and mental health needs, and this is a great way of doing so by getting some exercise while supporting others.  

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