Extern Homes is an innovative project which aims to provide people who have experienced homelessness with the stability and security of a place to call their own.

Already we have purchased ten properties in Belfast which are now homes to people who were once trapped in a cycle of homelessness, despite being able to move on with their lives. In addition, we support our tenants with a full package of wraparound support services.

Already, these new homes and supported two year tenancies have made a huge difference to the lives of the people we support, helping them to secure new jobs, training opportunities, to rebuild their relationships with their families, and believe in a brighter future.

To continue the great work being carried out through the project, we are not only asking the public to show their support with a donation, but we are also urging landlords with vacant or unused properties to get in touch with us about discussing opportunities to help change people’s lives.

How your donation will help

Over the years, Extern has worked alongside many people who have found themselves trapped in a cycle of homelessness.

Ready to move on with their lives, they find themselves trapped in hostels, or temporary accommodation, can't avail of social housing or find it impossible to access the private rented sector.

By donating to Extern Homes you can make a huge difference to the work of the project by helping to purchase vital materials and services to turn a house into a home.

We've outlined below some of the ways in which we use our donations, but we gladly welcome donations of any amount.

  • £60,000 will help us purchase a house to create a home for a person in need
  • £1500 will help us undertake all conveyancing required on a new home
  • £600 will help us pay for electrical testing certificates and works
  • £1500 will help us to fit a kitchen in our new homes
  • £1000 will help us pay for a new bathroom to be fitted
  • £750 will help to buy electrical appliances and a bed for a new tenant
  • £100 will provide home starter packs, including kitchenware, bed linen and small electrical appliances.

Breaking the cycle of homelessness

We have created Extern Homes to enable people to break out of this cycle, and your donation will help us move more people from homelessness to homes for some of the most vulnerable people in our society.

How it works

Extern Homes takes nominations from a range of homeless charities and statutory bodies. When offered a home where they will be supported to live for a period of up to two years, and provided with housing benefit, if eligible, through the Northern Ireland Housing Executive.

What makes a home an Extern Home?

An Extern Home is a supported home.

Our tenants, who want, and are ready to move on with their lives, are enabled to do so because they are provided with wraparound support services. They are also provided with welfare advice by North Belfast Advice Partnership and those in North Belfast can avail of our matched savings scheme through Newington Credit Union. We also offer our tenants valuable volunteering opportunities within Extern to help build their confidence and improve their ability to engage with training and employment opportunities.

The key to a new future

Following on from their time in an Extern Home, we help our tenants to secure long term accommodation, based on them having developed a tenancy history in a supported environment, and having been encouraged to save for a future tenancy deposit. Through Extern Homes, our tenants are not only getting back the key to their own front door, they are also being given the chance to unlock a whole new future for themselves.

Please join us in the spirit of giving and together we can move more people from homelessness to homes.

Are you a landlord?

If you are a landlord with vacant or unused residential properties, we would love to hear from you. We are looking for new opportunities to create new homes for those who need them the most. To discuss ways in which we can work together, please get in touch with our Extern Homes manager Declan Morris at [email protected]