What is Alcohol Housing Support?

Based in Belfast, our outreach team works with adults who are at risk of homelessness as a result of their hazardous alcohol use/ misuse and dependence.

Who is Alcohol Housing Support for?

• Those who have alcohol issues.
• Those whose housing is at risk due to alcohol-related issues.
• Those who require home-based support.

What support do we provide?

The Alcohol Housing Support Team can provide help and advice on alcohol-related issues.

These include:

• Addressing alcohol misuse through structured work.
• Alcohol-related therapy and practical support in a person’s home.
• Working at the person’s pace to bring about change.
• People living with alcohol addiction who are over 18 years old.
• People who live in their own tenancy in Belfast.

What are the aims of the Alcohol Housing Support Team?

• To help people who are having difficulties with alcohol use by undertaking person-centred work in their own environment.
• To prevent you an individual becoming homeless by working with the person in their home.
• To provide support to vulnerable or new tenants to help maintain their tenancy.

How do I get support for addiction?

A referral can be made by an individual who wants help, a family member or a concerned professional.

Engagement is entirely voluntary and the person can withdraw from the service at any time.

Who decides what support is needed?

Our staff will work together with the referred person to agree a plan to address alcohol-related issues.

With agreement, there may be liaison with other agencies e.g. addiction, housing, benefits etc. to assist.

The support needed will be reviewed at regular intervals and an exit plan agreed before the support is withdrawn.

In the last year, Extern's Alcohol Housing Support team received a total of 133 referrals, which surpassed the project’s yearly target of 100. Of these, 95 required intensive support for a range of specific issues.

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