When things go wrong at home, or in care, it can be children who feel the brunt.

That’s where Extern's Roscor Youth Village comes in...and where you can help us continue to make a difference.

In its 21 years, Roscor has changed the lives of over 40,000 children who have been supported by Extern.

A haven of hope and a place of safety, each year it enables over 2,500 vulnerable children to overcome the challenges they face in their daily lives, giving them a life-changing opportunity to discover who they can be.

Spending time at Roscor helps the children we support to build much-needed resilience, and to gain valuable new perspectives on the many challenges facing them, all while having much-needed fun.

Our 21st Birthday Wish

Now, our staff have one special birthday wish, to be able to continue to deliver the care and life-changing interventions these children need, in the most amazing surroundings we can give them.

With your support, we can continue to deliver and expand upon the dozens of fun, outdoor and educational activities and settings that we use as vehicles for the delivery of vital life-changing psychological and social care interventions by our experienced staff.

Through this type of play our staff enable the children we support to overcome challenges and create self-confidence. We help build much-needed resilience, and the young people we support gain valuable new perspectives on the many challenges facing them.

Roscor is a place where they tell us they feel safe. Please help our birthday wish come true and help us to make it a place where they also know that they matter, for many years to come.